Do’s & Don’ts


  • Get your Malaria Prophylaxis.
  • If you can, come in groups of four. There is always strength in numbers. You can travel around more confidently. You can have more fun in the company of your friends. It is always cheaper to travel in groups
  • Travel light.
  • Keep one set of clothing’s with hand luggage. Luggage from international air ports are notorious for taking its own course and may reach Kota Kinabalu after a day or two!!
  • Bring about 100 Malaysian Ringgit in small denominations with you.
  • Be fit before you come. Jogging for a few days before coming will be helpful. There are marvelous outdoor activities like Mountain Climbing,white water rafting, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving etc.
  • Bring your,stethescope and your white over coat.If you can bring along an ophthalmoscope. Dr Muthusamy will help you to master using it before you leave.( Young man,never forget your tie and socks; you are going to spend a good time in the hospital)
  • Bring your camera, there is ample photo opportunity. If you you do not have one, you can buy a camera for a reasonable price here. It is tax free.
  • If you have a light raincoat, bring it with you. Rain may pour at any time.
  • Bring the OXFORD BOOK OF CLINICAL SPECIALTY. You will find it useful. The Ophthalmology section is revised by Dr Muthusamy.


  • Rabies does not exist in Sabah.
  • Do not have any unnecessary vaccinations against diphtheria, polio, typhoid etc.
  • If you want, consider prophilaxis against Hepatitis B!
  • Never wear a pair of new shoes. It can turn out to be pretty uncomfortable and even produce blisters!
  • Never carry too much loose currency. One student wrote to me, “How much money do I need for my stay?” My advice is, “Ask one of your seniors who have come here before. They can give you the best answer”.
  • Never give your passport to any unauthorized person.
  • Do not carry too many text books with you. It is an unnecessary burden.