How to apply

I help medical students all over the world to do their elective postings in the State of Sabah, Malaysia.

Most of the students who come to Sabah choose to do the elective posting in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu.

You can also do your elective postings in smaller hospitals in Sabah.

Students who do postings in Queen Elizabeth Hospital can spent an hour a week in my clinic to learn the wonders and magic of ophthalmology!!

The elective posting in all the hosp itals in the State of Sabah is processed by Dr Heric Corray, Principal Assistant Director (Medical Section). For any queries he is contactable by email

Please send your application to:

Director of Health
Department of Health, Sabah
3rd Floor Rumah Persekutuan
Jalan Mat Salleh
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Attention: Dr Heric Corray)
Pricincipal Assistant Director
Medical Section

If you need any further information, please send me a mail.


I have special arrangements with Century Hotel in Kota Kinabalu.

Century Hotel, Bandaran Berjaya, KOTA KINABALU. Tel: 6 088 24 22 22.

It is at a walking distance from the hospital.

For reservation, send a mail to Mr. Harold Chung at With a cc to me.

If you desire, he will arrange for transport from the hotel.

This is the address you will have to fill in your dismemberment card.

Century Hotel Lot 12, Jalan Masjid Lama, Bandaran Bejaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu.

So write down this address in your note book or diary.

For any reason you do not like the hotel, you can change to stay in any place of your choice.

When you contact me, please send the following information:

  • Give your full name as it will appear in your passport and state Miss/Mr.
  • Give the name and both the e mail and snail mail address of your elective supervisor.
  • Give your postal address.
  • Give your parents’ full address, tel no, fax no, email address.