Optics and Refraction Course


Welcome to Muthusamy Virtual University of Postgraduate Ophthalmology
All our courses are conducted free of charge as service to international ophthalmology

There are two ways to spread the knowledge;
Let me be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
Where I cannot be the candle,
Let me be at least the mirror

My Faculty and I shall guide you to EXCEL in your examinations.

You must do your part. You must work consistently and diligently.

All my students must have mvupgo in their address.

Please create a gmail address with your first name exclusively for this course as shown.
first name and year of birth-mvupgo@gmail.com
Do not have Dr in front of your name. It makes it difficult to file the name in alphabetical order. Please end all your mail with your first name.

Use this address exclusively for the course.

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