Refraction Certificate

No previous experience in ophthalmology is necessary for candidates to sit the Refraction Certificate but candidates are unlikely to pass this assessment if they have not undertaken a large number of clinical refractions in the clinical settings of either the hospital workplace or in optometric establishments.

The assessment consists of a 12 station Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Six of these stations are retinoscopy stations during which candidates will examine three patients, performing retinoscopy on each eye. The time allowed will be 10 minutes for each double retinoscopy station during which time both eyes must be assessed. Candidates are permitted to divide the 10 minute period between the eyes as they wish. After 10 minutes there will be a 1 minute change over period.

A 5 minute OSCE will then follow.

Each station will be timed precisely.

Candidates are permitted a maximum of six attempts in which to pass the Refraction Certificate examination

Please go to ICO Optics and Refraction Course and enrol.

The topics in this are similar to the Refraction Certificate of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

As soon as you have enrolled, go to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists web page, download and print the syllabus of the Optics and Refraction.

Then, study the lessons one after the other. As soon as you have finished a lesson, print the lesson and MCQs and file them. It will be very useful for your revision.

After finishing the first lesson, please send your views.

Then highlight the chapter you have finished in the syllabus.

After you have finished all the lessons, let me know the chapters and topics that are not covered and I shall send the lesson to you.